2017 Awards

2017 Kimberley, South Africa

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Kimbelry, South Africa. Nominated asan Emerging Knowlege City.

2017 Tehran, Iran

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Tehran, Iran. Nominated as a Knowledge Metropolis.

2017 Tlemcen, Algeria

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Tlemcen, Algeria. Nominated as an Emerging Knowledge City.

2017 Tokio, Japan

2017 Valencia, Spain

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Valencia, Spain, nominated as a Knowledge city-region. Its City Council is energetically pursuing knowledge-based initiatives, putting Valencia's future as a KC in perspective as "incredible but true", with five different slogans of campaign: 1.1.- THE VALENCIA OF THE SEA. Jutting out over the sea. The best marine of the Mediterranean Sea. 1.2.- ARCHITECTURE AND TOWN PLANNING in its highest expression. 1.3.- THE BEST SCENARY OF THE WORLD. Events venue. 1.4.- RESPONSIBLE URBAN NATURAL SPACE. Albufera, river, Cabecera Park, Biopark, nursery, beaches, botanic gardens, Oceanogràfic.

2017 Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver, Canada. Nominated as a Knowledge City-Region. Reasons for nomination: * Intelligent demo, * Highly livable, * Walkabe, * Preserved downtown, * Art and culture everywhere, * Techno savvy From Wikipedia: In 2006, the Greater Vancouver CMA had a population of 2,116,581 living in 870,992 dwellings.

2017 Singapore, Singapore

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I would like to nominate Singapore in the K-Metropolis category. I believe the city still ranks very high in terms of all eight types of capitals forming the MAKCI Capital Framework.

2017 Shiraz, Iran

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Shiraz, Iran. Nominated as a City-Region.
Shiraz is the sixth biggest city in Iran and is the capital of Fars Province. It is located in the southwest of the country on the ‘Rudkhaneye Khoshk’ seasonal river; 200K m from south seashore of Iran. It is built over a green plain of the Zagros Mountains, 1500 meters above sea level with a moderate climate and regular seasons.

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