Governance and Organisation


1.             Definition

The World Capital Institute (WCI) is an independent international Think Tank whose purpose is to further the understanding and application of knowledge as the most powerful leverage of development. 

The WCI operates as a program-based network focused on R&D, publications, events, awards, professional community building and diffusion activities on or clearly related to Knowledge Based Development and Knowledge Cities.

The WCI is a registered non-profit Professional Association with a headquarters in Monterrey, Mexico and a number of corresponding offices across the World.

2.             Governance

The WCI governance is based on two interdependent bodies: the Executive Board (EB) and the International Advisory Board (IAB). Additionally, the WCI program-based operation includes the following executive offices: the WCI Headquarters (hosting the WCI Presidency and the WCI Technical Secretariat) and several Executive Directorates, one for each active WCI Program. Together, these offices constitute the WCI Team.


2.1      WCI Presidency 

The WCI President acts as EB Chair and appoints Program Executive Directors and Technical Secretariat based on IAB recommendations. Current President is the WCI Founder, Prof. Francisco Javier Carrillo, from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, in México.

2.2      WCI Executive Directors 

Each WCI Program is lead by an Executive Director who will conduct and develop the corresponding agenda in consultation with the EB and, when necessary, the IAB. Current WCI programs and corresponding Executive Directors are:

 WCI Events Program Executive Director: Dr. Tan Yigitcanlar, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia  

• WCI Awards Program Executive Director: Dr. Blanca Garcia, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Monterrey, Mexico 

  WCI Editorial Program Executive Director: Dr. Kostas Metaxiotis, University of Piraeus, Athens, Greece

2.3      WCI Technical Secretariat

     The WCI Technical Secretariat keeps all significant records and acts as a communication liaison between WCI internal and external entities. Current WCI Technical Secretary is Ms. Sofía Cristalina, who is the Relational Capital Manager at the Centre for Knowledge Systems, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México.

2.4      Executive Board (EB) 

The WCI EB is formed by ex-officio seats corresponding to WCI functions. It includes  the WCI President and the Executive Directors of the WCI active programs as well as WCI Secretary. Additionally, it includes one representative of the IAB, and, as one-time participant, one representative of the KCWS (usually the Chair of the KCWS Local Organising Committee) for the respective summit year, one representative of the MAKCi Panel of Experts for that year, and one representative of the editorial activities (usually, a member of the IJKBD Editorial Board) for a one-year period. The EB functions include:

       Approve and evaluate the annual agenda for each active WCI Program 

       Participate on major periodic decisions on WCI Programs 

       Promote synergies across WCI Programs

As of November 2010, the WCI EB is formed as follows to serve until November 2011: 

    Prof. Francisco Javier Carrillo, WCI President 

    Dr. Tan Yigitcanlar, WCI Events Program Executive Director 

    Dr. Blanca Garcia, WCI Awards Program Executive Director  

    Dr. Kostas Metaxiotis, WCI Editorial Program Executive Director  

    Prof. Klaus Kunzmann, WCI IAB Member 

    Dr. Peter Franz, IJKBD Editorial Board Member 

    Dr. Edna Pasher, KCWS 2011 Local Organiser 

    Dr. Cathy Garner, MAKCi Expert Panel Member 

The EB is electronically convened and chaired by WCI President any time its functions are required or twice a year. The agenda for each program is lead by the corresponding Executive Director of each Program. 


2.5      International Advisory Board (IAB) 

The WCI IAB is formed by distinguished members of the international community of interest and practice in the fields of KBD and Knowledge Cities who formally represent or are closely related to substantial regional networks in the field. Invited IAB members will be selected by the WCI. The IAB functions include: 

       Provide advice on the WCI strategic perspective as well as on direct consultations regarding major WCI programs decisions 

       Provide feedback on the impact and reach of WCI Programs 

       Promote and further the WCI goals across professional networks and the international community at large 

The IAB will be electronically consulted on a WCI agenda set by the Technical Secretary on the basis of Program Directors inputs. The IAB membership is reviewed annually, based on performance and impact, by the WCI. An IAB representative is selected as a liaison with the EB. As of November 2010, the WCI IAB is formed as follows to serve until November 2011: 

    Dr. Hana Al-Nuaim, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 

    Prof. Surinder Batra, Institute for Management Technology, India 

    Dr. Alex Bennet, Mountain Quest Institute, USA 

    Mr. Jay Chatzkel, Progressive Practices, USA 

    Dr. Cathy Garner, Manchester Knowledge Capital, UK 

    Prof. Leif Edvinsson, Lund University, Sweden 

    Dr. Ana Cristina Fachinelli, University of Caxias do Sul, Brasil 

    Dr. Peter Franz, Halle Institute for Economic Research, Germany 

    Prof. Klaus Kunzmann, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany 

    Prof. Sang-Ho Lee, Hanbat National University, Korea 

    Prof. Romain Murenzi, University of Maryland, USA 

    Dr. Edna Pasher, Edna Pasher Associates, Israel 

    Prof. Giovanni Schiuma, Universitá della Basilicata, Italy 

    Prof. Wang Dong, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

3.             Contacts

3.1         For all general WCI matters, correspondence should be addressed to The WCI Technical Secretariat: Ms. Sofía Cristalina on or +52.81.8328.4207 


3.2         For specific, Events Program matters, correspondence should be addressed to The WCI Events Program Executive Director: Dr. Tan Yigitcanlar on or +61.7.3138.2418.  


3.3         For specific, Publications Program matters, correspondence should be addressed to The WCI Publications Program Executive Director: Dr. Kostas Metaxiotis on or +30 210 4142378.


3.4      For specific, Awards Program matters, correspondence should be addressed to The WCI Awards Program Executive Director: Dr Blanca Garcia on blanca@worldcapitalinstitute.orgor 52. 81. 8387 5027.