2018 Holon, Israel

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Holon, Israel. Nominated as a Knowledge City-Region. Holon is adopting an approach promoting ongoing renewal, innovation and the pursuit of knowledge and information within the organization and from the organization outward. The city has ways of making the knowledge available to all citizens. There are up-to-date technologies, which are accessible to all of the city's inhabitants. The city respects the cultural diversity of its citizens. The city boasts a comprehensive educational strategy that combines all cultural services. The resource and space allocation facilitates cultural activity among community groups. The City's local newspaper is well anchored and its network of libraries is impressive. The City dedicates its streets to the cause of culture. Holon's school network is connected to the city's cultural activity. The City is blessed with several cultural centers that foster tolerance and dialogue between citizens. Visitors,tourists and residents of different localities have equal access to the resources described in the nomination files.