2018 Manizales, Colombia

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Nominated as a Knowledge City-region, Manizales has a position of an intermediate city within the country; it is recognized for initiating development in the coffee economy along with their industrial productivity. Manizales has distinguished itself nationally as a university city, because the city is educated, friendly and that has a pleasant climate; people live a good quality of life, and there are opportunities for everyone.
The focus is based on the development of the university infrastructure and knowledge of information technologies and their potential use in research and investigation in flora and fauna and the application and innovation in economic sectors. 
Manizales is the capital of the department of Caldas, it is located in the central cordillera of the Colombian Andes Mountains, it has an area of 508 km2 and a height of 2150 meters above sea level, its average temperature varies between 18 and 24ºC, it is located at 5.4° longitude and 75.3°latitude. Manizales, along with the departments of Risaralda and Quindío form the so-called triangle of Colombian coffee.
It has a Metropolitan population (Manizales- Villamaria) of 442 218 habitants and in the south central sub region its municipalities have a population of 541 994 habitants. The gross domestic product of the Department of Caldas is 2.8% of the National GDP of which Manizales contributes 1 %.of GDP.