2018 Monterrey, Mexico

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Monterrey, Mexico. Nominated as Knowledge Metropolis.
Reasons for Monterrey's nomination: • Monterrey city-region with 4% population of the country contributes 8% of its GDP. It houses the largest software developing company and one of the largest private higher education systems in Latin America (ITESM) holds its headquarters in the city. • 52% of the fiscal allocation of the city is budgeted for education with emphasis on private sector participation. There are 231 technical schools, 2 technical universities (including ITESM) and over 30 higher learning institutions of university levels. The city is one of the world leaders of Virtual Universities. • Monterrey has adopted a cluster development approach with a focus on software, biomedicine aeronautics, mechatronics and autoparts sectors. These clusters are characterized by thrust on values such as eco-friendliness, potential of high volume exports, trade with technological changes, talent development and hiring, and high salary disbursement. • There exists excellent collaboration between academia, public sector and private sector. The role of these major stakeholders has been clearly underlined: Private sector – wealth creation; Academia – prepare the human capital; and Public Sector – promote and conduct development. • The present efforts are on the creation of a City of Knowledge, in the planning and implementation of which all the stakeholders are involved. Its vision is focused on high education with research for achieving knowledge capable of being applied in innovative manner. Innovation and learning are the declared new priorities.