2017 Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, Ireland. Nominated as a Knowledege City-Region.
Dublin is both the largest city and the capital of Ireland. Along with the national economy, the city has experienced considerable economic growth in recent years and this has also resulted in a significant increase in employment in the city. The city relies heavily on foreign investment and has been particularly successful in developing clusters in ICT, Financial Services and Life Sciences. The Dublin Region has attracted word class global companies including Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Wyeth.
The city's identity is a characteristic well recognized around the world. Its capability to enact the knowledge-based development strategy is based in labor, business and government signed agreements. Ireland and Dublin have experienced a rapid increase in the number of migrants over a relatively short period. The 2006 National Census shows that Dublin City has the highest concentration of non-nationals anywhere in the state, with the figure standing at just over 15% of total population.
It is important to highlight that the city and state are currently experiencing a severe decline in economic growth with an unprecedented rise in unemployment as well as a decline in GDP. In the context of this changing environment the city is refining its work programmein relation to the open cities project.
The focus will be on attracting internationalpopulations in specific sectors as well as targeting international students to come to the city. This will all be developed through a newly focused internationalisation agenda for the city.
The economic success and growth the city has experienced would not have been possible without the contribution of these migrant workers. They have filled skills gaps particularly in hospitality, tourism, health and construction industries. Dublin’s ability to attract international talent has been one of the key factors in attracting the European headquarters of both Google and Facebook to the city.
City Leadership is playing a critical role in ensuring that Dublin maintains its economic position and continues to attract internationally mobile talent. As part of this the Dublin City Manager has established a ‘Creative Alliance’, which brings together universities, business and the public sector. This alliance will position the city as a leading centre for the creative knowledge sector.
Dublin City Council’s Office of International Relations and Research is supporting the development of an internationalisation and branding strategy for the city, which will build on Dublin’s reputation for openness.
For those living in the city it is recognised that equality and diversity are critical dimensions of city life. Dublin City Council’s Office for Integration is taking a pro-active role to lead, facilitate and support the integration of the immigrant population of the city and a new awareness is evident in the responses of Local Government, Health, Education, Justice, Tourism, Sport and Labour Market Services to the needs of a multi-ethnic population.
The Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly is the Managing Authorityfor Dublin in the project. The Assembly was established in 1999 following the designation of Ireland into 2 regions for the purposes of EU funding. The focus of the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013 is on Innovation & the Knowledge Economy, Environment & Accessibility, & Sustainable Urban Development. (Source: http://opencities.britishcouncil.org/web/index.php?id=323,0,0,1,0,0)