2017 Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul, Turkey. Nominated as a Knowledge Metropolis. Istanbul- The Capital of Cultures” builds a strong and meaningful brand name for Istanbul as The European Parliament has voiced Istanbul as the Cultural Capital of 2010. The main message behind this motto is “people of different religion, language and culture can survive together in peace”. Istanbul is a regional hub for activities like finance, logistics, tourism and culture for the Balkans, the Black Sea region, the Central Asian Turk republics, and the Middle East. The leading role in this region focuses on three main economic fields: (1) finance and services; (2) logistics; and (3) tourism and culture. Istanbul especially during the last three decades has worked rigorously in establishing necessary capital systems to be integrated with the global knowledge economy. The 'world city' discourse is now extended and flourished for the knowledge-based urban development agenda of Istanbul to become an emerging global KC. See attached documents for full-text nomination form and associated supporting material.