2017 Pune, India

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Pune, Indi. Nominated as a Knowledeg Metropolis. Reasons for Nomination: • Pune was selected by UNIDO as a “dynamic city region” focusing on three sectors, namely, automobiles/auto components, information technology/electronics hardware, and biotechnology. It is fast emerging as a hub for info-tech and IT-enabled services in India. It is the preferred destination for national and international software companies. • Pune is well equipped in terms of infrastructure and has a favourable climate. It is well known for its educational institutions and universities, and has a close proximity to Mumbai, the financial capital of India. • One of the internationally known brands associated with Pune is “PARAM”, a super-computer developed by the Pune-based Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC). This has taken India into the tiny club of nations which build their own supercomputers. • A key Government project has selected Pune as one of the first level ten cities to be connected over a wide bandwidth network (10 GBPS), which will allow quality education to be delivered through distance education to every connected institution. (Please visit our Documents Room under Pune or see: http://www.unido.org/file-storage/download/?file_id=41694 and http://www.unido.org/file-storage/download/?file_id=41700).