2017 Singapore, Singapore

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I would like to nominate Singapore in the K-Metropolis category. I believe the city still ranks very high in terms of all eight types of capitals forming the MAKCI Capital Framework.
Singapore. Nominated as a Knowledge Metropolis. Singapore is a multi-racial, -religious and -cultural country. Different communities live and work in together, with respect for one another. There is respect of the needs of minorities. One of Singapore’s greatest achievements is to have built racial and religious harmony based on mutual respect and mutual trust. Singapore makes consistent improvement over the years. The city-state has been highlighted in impressive rankings as a key global player in work and in play. Singapore has world-class infrastructure (ranked 4th), leading the world in the quality of its roads, ports, and air transport facilities. In addition, its competitiveness is propped up by a strong focus on education and technology, providing highly skilled individuals for the workforce. The city-state works towards an advanced knowledge economy with superior skills, quality jobs and higher incomes.