2017 Tampere, Finland

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Tampere, Finland. Nominated as a Knowledge City-Region.
The Tampere Region is one of Finland's fastest growing centres. There is a population of more than 210,000 in the city of Tampere, close to half a million in the Tampere Region and more than five million in Finland.Tampere was founded by Sweden's young monarch, Gustavus III, in 1779 and nowadays it's Finland's third largest city as well as the largest inland city in the Nordic countries. Tampere is located on an isthmus between lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi, in ridge scenery. The Tammerkoski rapids is a nationally recognized landscape and in the city centre you can also enjoy the awarded lighting at Keskustori Central Square. Tampere also has a monumental industrial history: the Finlayson cotton mill was the first large-scale industrial enterprise in Finland and in fact it was in Finlayson's factory hall where the first electric light in the Nordic countries was lit. Tampere can be described as a centre of leading-edge technology, research, education, culture, sports and business. In the Tampere Region, the duration of the year's shortest day is approx. 5 h 20 min (Dec 22) and the longest day of the year (Jun 21) lasts for about 19 h 30 min. The only things missing are the sea and mountains!
Source: http://www.tampere.fi/english/index.html