2017 Tlemcen, Algeria

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Tlemcen, Algeria. Nominated as an Emerging Knowledge City.
Population (2008 census)Total: 173,531. Located at 540 Km west of the capital Algiers and 140 km from the second largest city of the country (Oran), Tlemcen constitutes the living memory of Algeria. It was at one period of its life the capital of the Kingdom of the Zianides (XIIIth century). Its reputation of highly entrepreneurial and active population is established. The richest families in the country originate from the city. Similarly, some of the world famous novelists in literature (e.g. Mohamed Dib) and politicians (the first President of the country was from a near by town Maghnia) and the current President of Algeria originate from Tlemcen. It has also created its own brand of the Andalousian music called the “Haouzi” which has spread throughout the Mediterranean and Arab world. http://Tlemcen-DZ.com http://tageo.com/Tlemcen