2016 MAKCi Awards - WINNERS Voting Platform

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Welcome to the 2016 MAKCi Winners Voting Platform 

Instructions (see bottom of the page)

a) Please select 2 cities per category: your proposed winner and the runner up (2nd place).

The MAKCi Categories are Knowledge City-Region and Knowledge Metropolis. For more information on these criteria please refer to the MAKCi Framework in the MAKCi Library on this platform at: http://www.worldcapitalinstitute.org/sites/default/files/2008_MAKCi_Framework_070108.pdf

b) Please rate each of your four (4) selected cities on a Scale of 1 (Poor) to 10 (Excellent) each of your chosen cities capabilities against the eight (8) capital categories (from the MAKCi Framework)  as follows: 1. Referential Capital 1:Identity Capital. 2. Referential Capital 2:Intelligence Capital. 3. Articulating Capital 1: Financial Capital. 4. Articulating Capital 2:Relational Capital. 5. Human Capital, Individual dimension. 6. Human Capital, Collective dimension. 7. Instrumental Capital, Tangible/Physical dimension. 8. Instrumental Capital, Intangible/knowledge-based dimension.

c) Please use the four (4) top windows provided below to write the names of your selected cities. Use the the column slots to qualify your vote.

d) Please note that the platform requires 4 cities selected to vote. Votes with less than any four (4) cities selected are not validated.

Thanks a lot for your votes and participation in this edition of the MAKCi exercise.